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consultation plan

A consultation plan is useful when you need ideas to solve a few key areas or issues in your garden.

For example you may need to work out the layout of a new deck; bounce off ideas on how to give your house better street appeal; get some advice on planting; want a 3D model of the ideas you already have...

You can call or email me first to decide whether a consultation plan is what you need.

We will then meet on site so I can see your garden and to discuss more precisely how I can help. 


If you cannot provide a plan of your house and section boundaries before we meet, I will either use google maps to draw one or quickly draw one when we meet on site.


After our meeting I will send you a quote for the consultation plan.

If you accept it, I will provide you with a quick plan drawing of your garden (not to scale), providing the solutions you were after, and some planting advice. 

Consultation plan

If you are not looking for for a full re-design but would like help and advice to get the best from your existing garden, a consultation plan will set you on the right path.

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$200-$500 depending on size

Consultation plans examples:

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