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All designs are possible, from courtyards to lifestyle blocks, from residential to commercial. I offer different services to suit your needs and budget. 

Landscape Design plan

A Landscape Design plan will give you the long term vision for your garden. You will get all the ideas to create something unique to suit you, your site and your budget. It shows the location of hard surfaces (paths, structures, edging...), garden beds, materials and plant suggestions to maximise your garden's potential.

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$1500 - $4000 depending on size, complexity, wish list, and the option for 3D Images

Landscape Plan3.jpg

3D Modelling

I can provide 3D images of the design of your garden to help you visualise what it will actually look like. This helps if you have trouble imagining the design in real life from a 2D plan.

I use SketchUp to create my plans and 3D models.

$500-$1000 depending on garden size

View from upper deck.jpg

Planting plan

A planting plan is a scaled plan of your garden showing the exact location and size of each plant. It includes a plant schedule with names, pictures, quantities and a maintenance guide. It is helpful if you are a gardening novice and need to know how many plants to buy, how far to space them apart and need a little gardening advice.

$500-$1500 depending on garden size

Planting Plan1.JPG


I can arrange quotes from trusted landscape builders.

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