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Landscape Design Plan

The landscape design plan is more detailed than the consultation plan and is better suited if you need a plan for a large part or all of your section.
You might have a wish list of things you want to have in your garden (ie. nice lawn, entertaining area with outdoor fire/kitchen, spa pool, veggie garden, utility area, firepit), and a style in mind (native, tropical, eco-friendly, formal, mediterranean, Japanese…), lots of pretty images from magazines or Pinterest, but you’re not sure how to make it all work. With the landscape design plan, you hand all these wishes to me and I will figure it out for you so you can have everything you want while making your garden a beautiful and relaxing space you can be proud of!


As I will be spending more time working on a landscape design plan than a consultation plan, it is also a better choice when you want to create a stunning, inviting and flowing garden tailored to your own style, personality, lifestyle and your unique house and its environment.

Cost: $1500 to $3500 depending on the size and complexity of the project

Some common examples the Landscape Design Plan is suitable for include:

  • You are building a new house on a blank canvas and have no idea where to start on the garden.

  • You have an existing house with an old and tired garden and want to do a big revamp

  • Your section is on a slope and you need help figuring out how to make it practical

  • You want a design for a new swimming pool and the space around it so it’s well-integrated in the garden

  • You have a long wish list for what you want included in your garden but don’t know how to make it all work

  • You want to install your garden in stages but you need a plan so you have the long term vision and know it will all work together in the end.


Included in the Landscape Design Plan fee*:

  • On-site consultation where we walk through your garden together so we can talk about your needs and wishes for each area, discuss how you want to use and feel in your garden, look at the different issues you have (privacy, wind/sun exposure, drainage…), chat about the style of gardens and the plants you like…

  • A detailed site measure to create an accurate base plan with the section’s boundaries, the house’s location on the section, a floor plan to locate all doors and windows, exact location of existing gardens, mature trees, paths structures, retaining walls etc. If your site is on a significant slope or there are multiple levels to consider for the design, I will also come with a laser level to measure those.

  • A draft plan to show you my initial ideas for your garden with the layout of everything we have discussed during the initial consultation, a plant palette and a moodboard. At this stage you can give me some feedback.

  • 1 plan revision to finalise changes

  • A final detailed final plan in color & to scale, with clear annotations so it can be used by professional landscapers (you'll need to specify the exact materials/finishes). The plan will show lawns, garden beds, mowing edges, fence lines, hedges, trees, decks, patios, pathways, structures, pools, veggie garden etc. with suggestions for materials, colors and sizes.

  • Names of all trees, hedges and feature plants and a list of suitable plants for each garden bed, with plant images.

  • A plan with some key dimensions to help mark out the design on site.

  • A moodboard or a couple of 3D renders of key areas to convey the desired finished design style.

  • Full 3D renders and/or a Planting Plan if you have opted for those - See Services Here

  • You get a printed a laminated copy of your plans (and information booklet) delivered to you, as well as a PDF version sent to you inbox.

Are you starting with a blank canvas in a new construction project or with an existing garden in need of a makeover? Do you have a compact urban garden or a spacious rural lifestyle block? They all have the potential to become stunning spaces and I would love to help!   

Whether you envision a stylish outdoor entertaining area for hosting friends, a family-oriented backyard to watch your (grand)children play, a serene urban oasis to sip your morning coffee, or a productive eco-friendly garden that connects you with nature, I can help bring your vision to life.

*Please note that I do not provide construction details or plans for council consents

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Landscape Design Plans examples:

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