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landscape design plan

A design plan is useful when you want to create a really beautiful, bespoke, harmonious garden that suits your style, personality, lifestyle and your unique house and environment. Whether it's an established property or a brand new build, a city house or a lifestyle block, I can create a landscape plan that helps you achieve the garden of your dreams.


The steps towards getting a concept plan are detailed in the Process page of this website.


A landscape design plan is a scaled plan in colour which illustrates the general design and layout of the garden, incorporating all that we will have discussed in the initial meeting and providing expert solutions and ideas to make your section a beautiful, timeless garden that suits you perfectly.


The plan will show lawns, planting beds, new decks and patios, pool, fencing, any proposed pathways and structures etc. I will suggest hardscape materials (timber, pebbles, concrete...), colors and sizes. I name every tree, hedges and feature plants and give a few plant suggestions for the different garden beds. You will be able to get installation quotes with this plan after choosing the specific materials and finishes yourself. 

The concept plan helps to give you a long term vision of your garden. It is especially useful when you plan to install it in stages. To help visualising the design you can opt to get 3D images as well.

Landscape Design Plans examples:

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