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Design Process

1. Initial Meeting

Contact me for a consult to arrange a time to meet. The initial meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other and have a detailed discussion of how I can help you. For the best outcome, it's better to have this meeting on site. We will walk through your garden and discuss your wishes, and I will ask you questions to understand your style, how you want to use and feel in your garden. It will also give me a chance to identify issues to solve (privacy, drainage...) and assets to retain (nice views, mature trees...). 

After this meeting, I will send you a brief and a quote.

2. Site Analysis

After the quote is accepted, I will revisit the site to take accurate measurements, some photos, and get to know your site better. I will record views that need to be hidden or preserved, the sun trajectory, inspect the soil, assess if any existing vegetation needs to be removed or retained etc. 

All this information will be helpful to create the best design possible for your section.

If you are able to provide accurate house and section plans, I may be able to reduce my fee by up to $300.

3. Draft Plan

Once the site analysis is complete I can start developing a draft plan. This typically takes about 3 weeks, after which we will meet to review it together.


I will be showing you my ideas for your garden, the layout of everything we have discussed in the initial meeting and some plant suggestions. 

This meeting is an opportunity to examine these ideas and to give me any feedback you would like. It is important not to hold back so that I can modify the plan to really suit your needs and style and create the best final landscape plan for you.

4. Final Plan

Your final landscape design will be ready within 2-4 weeks of our concept meeting, depending on the scope of changes that are needed.

If you have opted for a planting plan and/or 3D renders, these will be included in a booklet which you will receive with the printed laminated copy of your design plan.

5. Installation

With the design finalised, you’ll be bursting to start construction. I can introduce you to trusted landscaping companies I work with to help you bring the designs to life, or you can find your landscaper, or DIY.

Whichever you choose, I will always be available if you have any questions or need help with anything when you are in the process of installing your dream garden!

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