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1. First meeting (FREE)

The initial meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other and have a detailed discussion of how I can help you. For the best outcome, it's better to have this meeting on site. We can walk through your garden and you can let me know your wishes. For example in terms of styles, structures, planting, entertaining, playing, swimming, growing food, views, utility, maintenance, budget etc.

You may not know what you want in your garden and that's alright too... I'm here to help with that!

After this meeting I will write up a brief and a quote.

2. Helpful documents

After the quote is accepted, you are welcome to share images of gardens you like for inspiration. These can help me to capture your personality and style and design a garden that suits you perfectly. 

If you can provide scaled or digital site plans, I can reduce the quote as it means that I will not have to do a full site measure of your section. A site plan typically shows the property dimensions, home walls and windows, contours, easements, utilities, and other significant site features. 

3. Site analysis

After our initial meeting I will revisit the site to get a better feel of your space, check out any views that need to be preserved or hidden, understand the sun trajectory, inspect the soil, assess if any trees/plants should be retained etc... I will also take photographs of your house and garden so I can refer to them while designing. 

4. Draft plan

Once the site analysis is complete I can start developing a draft plan. This typically takes about 3 weeks, after which we will meet to review it together.

I will be showing you my ideas for your garden, the layout of everything we have discussed in the initial meeting and some plant suggestions. If you've opted for 3D images, we will also look at some ideas for the hardscaping (pergolas, paths, screens, swimming pool, other features...).


This meeting is an opportunity to examine these ideas and to give me any feedback you would like. It is important not to hold back so that I can modify the plan to really suit your needs and style and create the best final landscape plan for you.

5. optional: Intermediary plan 

After getting your feedback on the draft plan, I might email you a plan with the changes discussed to make sure that I understood everything we mentioned. This gives you one more opportunity to review the plan and ask for some minor changes before the final plan.

6. Final Plan

I walk you through the final plan and provide you with a printed and laminated copy of it as well as a booklet with 3D images if you have chosen that option.

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